Limited liability Company Ural Logistics Company

A wholly owned subsidiary of Non-commercial Organization “Ural Logistics Association”. It was formed in June, 2012 by General Association Meeting.

The main tasks: 

  • Promotion of NO “Ural Logistics Association” members’ services;
  • Information technologies and techniques, its promotion in Ural transport system;
  • Consulting activity on working out business plans, making new service products and subcontracted logistic chains;
  • Development of highway system. Making mutual help on the road more useful. Service development of passenger transportation;
  • Organization of exhibitions, trainings, educational seminars and business tours;
  • Personnel selection in the sphere of transport logistics;
  • Expert consultations in the sphere of transport and logistics;
  • Participation in research works of transport and logistics;
  • Transport and shipping activity. Working out a transport schemes, realization of shipping projects, rolling stock management;
  • Make ULA members feel comfortable in insurance and law sphere;
  • Interaction with the government institutions, participation in all level government programs.